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Summary Assignment (EBIGFY)

Long Writing

Everything Bad is Good for You

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  • Intended for: Individuals
  • Formality: Graded
  • Completes in: 7 steps
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  • Materials: 2
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Assignment Overview

One of the primary skills necessary for students writing about external texts is the ability to summarize and distinguish between summary and other forms of text interaction (analysis, evaluation, synthesis, etc.)

This assignment is designed to be one of the very first formal writings of the semester, providing students with a strong understanding of summary that they can build on in future assignments.

After reading the introduction of Everything Bad is Good for You (which has a somewhat disjointed organization and can be difficult for students to follow at first), students are asked to write a brief summary of the reading.

Assignment Sheet
How to Write a Summary

Image: CC from Bunches and Bits

Required Materials
  • Everything Bad is Good for You
  • Summary Article
Skills developed
  • Summary
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Formatting
  • Citations
7 Steps to complete

2. Discuss Introduction

4. Practice Summary

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