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We design developmental writing courses around one text. We provide instructor-generated teaching resources on every text. You can use and adapt what you need, and contribute your single-text approach materials here.

Join us in our mission to present rigorous, college-level reading and writing in developmental courses, shorten students’ time in developmental coursework, raise student retention and pass rates, and integrate how we teach reading and writing.

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Texts We’re Using: 2015-2016

Click on a text to find sample syllabus, assignments, activities, and supplemental materials. Some pages may be under construction during the semester.

outliers   Money    EverythingBadIsGoodForYou   ypl_woodson_Brown_Girl_Dreaming

Texts Under Development

index      Wilkerson     1069379    images     Cinderella   Lives-on-the-Boundary-cover-300

 Food    Gender   Happiness  Sustainablitiy    Border Crossings    Monsters

 Possible Future Texts 

the-autobiography-of-malcolm-x   Fast_food_nation   mikerose  Theroux  Fadiman  Ehenreich Nonrequired Rankine Solomon  Baca  Gawande Nurse Pollan   Foer   133793    1047208

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