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Assignment: Group Grammar Worksheet

Tech in the Classroom: Facebook Review

Tech in the Classroom: WordPress Blog Review

This is the first in a series of reviews of websites, platforms, and social media sites. Some are useful for teachers in a SMART classroom (with a teacher-station computer, internet connection, and projector). Others lend themselves more to a lab where each student has her own computer. Hopefully these can help us communicate with our students, present information effectively, and encourage collaboration, feedback, and active participation. (more…)

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Assignment: In-Class MLA Explanation Exercise

CFP: Gateway Writing Project Fall Conference 2013

Education News Links

Teacher Knows if You’ve Done the E-Reading (NY Times, April 8, 2013)You know if they've done the homework, but now you can see if they even cracked the (e-)book. Teachers already having mixed reviews to this CourseSmart feature.Rigorous Schools Put College Dreams Into Practice (April 9, 2013)What catching up with their peers looks like at Bard High School Early College. No review or remediation for these students.

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When Students Say, “You don’t like me”

Last week, one of my students, when confronted with a bad grade, asked me why I don’t like him. In 8 years of teaching college writing, I have had several students ask some version of the question, “Why don't you like me?” They have asked with genuine confusion, hurt, and disappointment, either about a bad grade or my refusal to excuse a late paper. I have genuinely liked all of these students, and many ended up acing my class. But the question from last week and semesters previous has me wondering: what does my students’ perception of my liking or disliking them have to do with their grades, meeting expectations, my role as a teacher? I am trying to piece all these things together:  Often when my students get a good grade, they say joyfully, “Oh, I’m so glad you liked my paper.” Or, “I went to the writing center to clean it up so that you would like it”; “I like this paper and…

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