Adding Personal Reflection to 33 Revolutions per Minute

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33 Revolutions per Minute

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Assignment Overview

I use this assignment as Paper 2 after assigning an exercise on summary, paraphrase, and direct citation. This paper asks students to build upon those citation skills by adding personal reflection and their own experiences to an analysis of one chapter of the book.

This assignment helps students see that summary is only a starting point for a college-level paper and that once they have successfully learned to summarize what they have read, they are then asked to do something else with it, to create novel ideas using what they have learned.

By giving students a specific question for each of the chapters read during this unit, I aim to provide the flexibility of choice and preference while simultaneously giving enough structure and focus to make the task feel manageable even very early in the semester.

I used this assignment at the end of a unit where we read Chapters 2, 5, 6, and 7, but the questions could be altered to make it work for any reading from the book.

Assignment Sheet

Image from Flickr user denise carbonell used under Creative Commons.

Required Materials
  • 33 Revolutions per Minute Book
  • Reflection
  • Citation
  • Personal Narrative
  • Synthesis
6 Steps to complete

1. Read the Chapters

2. Discuss Reading

3. Introduce Assignment

4. Brainstorm

5. Rough Drafts

6. Final Draft

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