Close Textual Analysis of a Song: 33 Revolutions per Minute

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33 Revolutions per Minute

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  • Intended for: Individuals
  • Formality: Graded
  • Completes in: 8 steps
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Assignment Overview

This assignment asks students to engage in direct textual analysis for one of the songs from the book. I start this unit by talking about how to analyze poetry. Then I ask students to print out the lyrics to a song from the chapters covered and to apply what they’ve learned about close textual analysis to the song. Finally, they are asked to make a thesis-driven argument about the song’s meaning and overall effectiveness as a protest song.


Reading a Poem: 20 Strategies

Assignment Sheet


Image from Flickr UnknownNet Photography used under Creative Commons.

Required Materials
  • 33 Revolutions per Minute Book
  • "Reading a Poem: 20 Strategies" Article
Skills developed
  • Analysis
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Argument
8 Steps to complete

1. Read the Chapters

2. Discuss the Reading

3. Read Article

4. Brainstorms

5. Drafting

6. Rough Drafts

7. Revision

8. Final Drafts

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