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33 Revolutions per Minute

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Assignment Overview

For 33 Revolutions per Minute, I want students to have the ability and confidence to use context and direct quotes from the book throughout the entire semester. However, many of my students seem reluctant to use outside sources for fear of citing incorrectly or because they are not sure of how best to incorporate them.

I used to do a short, in-class version of this assignment, but I decided that if I really wanted to focus on helping students gain confidence in these skills, I should give it more weight and attention. This is the first formal writing assignment for the class.

I am careful to emphasize that I am not expecting a cohesive, thesis-driven paper or essay. This assignment asks instead for three separate, disjointed demonstrations of three specific methods of incorporating outside sources: summary, paraphrase, and direct citation.

Assignment Sheet

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Required Materials
  • 33 Revolutions Book
Skills developed
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Format
  • Citation
  • Incorporating Sources
7 Steps to complete

1. Reading

2. Discuss Reading

3. Introduce Assignment

4. Model Methods

5. Rough Drafts

6. Citation Review

7. Final Draft

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