What is Success?

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  • Formality: Graded
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Assignment Overview

This is the first paper I assign in a course based around Outliers. It asks the students to reflect on prior knowledge about the course theme of success, but it simultaneously pulls in the questions that the first chapter of the text brings up about cultural assumptions surrounding success. In this way, it serves the dual purpose of demonstrating to students that they already have some familiarity with the course content while also making them look at the topic in a new way.

Sample Assignment Sheet
“Dispelling the Meritocracy Myth”

Image: CC from ClaraDon

Required Materials
  • Copies of Article
  • Computer
  • Outliers Book
Skills developed
  • Reflection
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Annotation
  • Class Discussion
  • Organization
10 Steps to complete

1. Introduce Topic

2. Read Outliers Intro

3. Discuss Reading

4. Introduce Paper

5. Assign Chapter 1

6. Discuss Reading

7. Add Complexity

8. Read Article

9. Review Day

10. Final Draft

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