Reflection Essay: Audience 3 Ways

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Brown Girl Dreaming

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  • Intended for: Individuals
  • Formality: Graded
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Assignment Overview

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This assignment for Brown Girl Dreaming asks students to consider their relationship to a text in 3 different ways: as reader, listener, and performer. (See Brown Girl Dreaming sample syllabus here.)

Engaging in Brown Girl Dreaming means thinking about the way poetry sounds, poetry’s silences, and poetry’s community.

Over the course of several weeks, students engage in and then reflect on the ways they have experienced poetry with their classmates, and build new knowledge of what that means for understanding, enjoying, and writing about poetry.

Required Materials
  • Brown Girl Dreaming text
  • Dictionary/Thesaurus
  • Computer
Skills developed
  • Details & Description
  • Reflection
  • Narration
  • Compare/Contrast
7 Steps to complete

1. Assign 2 Poems

2. Collect & Discuss Annotations

3. In-Class Performances

4. Reflection Essay Drafting

5. Peer and Instructor Review

6. Revision

7. Final Submission

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