Money Changes Everything Syllabus


Money Changes EverythingMoney Changes Everything is a Bedford Spotlight Reader (2014) that presents a collection of articles, essays, memoir, charts, advertisements, and book chapters, all on the theme of money.

This sample syllabus is presented in 4 units, each with a set of readings, writing emphases, and major assignment.

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A general syllabus templates for 16-week courses.

 Unit 1


  • “Wealth and Poverty” by Peter Singer
  • “On Plumbing and the Meaning of Poverty” by Melanie Scheller
  • “The Good Life” by the Roper Center
  • When Spending Becomes You” by Juliet Schor
  • Why I Make Terrible Decisions, or Poverty Thoughts

Writing Emphases: Argument; Analysis; Narrative; Summary; Quotation

Assignment 1:

Financial Aid Appeal Letter

Unit 2


  • “May 2011 Wage Estimates” by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • “Serving in Florida” by Barbara Ehrenreich
  • “The Vanishing Middle Class” by Elizabeth Warren

Writing Emphases: Narrative; Argument; Summary; Description; Quotation

Assignment 2:

Wages & Worth: Letter for a Pay Raise

Unit 3


  • “The Price of Motherhood” by Ann Crittenden
  • “College Sports” by Murray Sperber
  • Sample set of supplemental readings in Step 2 of Assignment 3.

Writing Emphases: Narrative; Pathos; Quotation; Summary; Reflection

Assignment 3:

The Cost of Unpaid Labor Essay

Unit 4

Writing Emphasis: Reflection

Assignment 4: Money Blog Post. Students compose a narrative reflection essay that includes 3 excerpts from their previous assignments; personal reflection on what they’ve learned; a Featured Image; brief Author Bio; and optional author photo. Instructor posts their content to a public blog. Students write with awareness of a broad, public audience. See sample class money blog here.

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